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Festival season is in full swing filled with boho chic garbs and flower crowns. The festival lifestyle is one that exudes freedom of expression and comfort. What makes these events so

sought after? DING DING DING. The social media moments that can be created. Festival fashions can be very creative glittery, flowery and "out there". These fashions are often times seen as effortless. The oxymoron is that some of todays biggest influencers actually spend a lot of time and effort planning their festival looks.

Now, don't be discouraged you do not have to be rollin' in the dough to look and feel the Festival SZN vibes. Here are two looks that wont break the bank. We put the two looks together by switching out one garment to accommodate those who want to show some skin and others who prefer to stay nice and covered.


Photo: Angel Castro for June + Co Styling: June + Co

For our first look we took a racerback leotard with a deep open back as our base piece to not only to show skin but to ventilate and beat the heat since the front of the look is fully covered.

Next piece was these amazing Taffeta harem pants we found at a Goodwill for $10.

These pants are both comfortable and stylish which is key at these festivals. Again,

we found pants that were not made out of material that is not thick. The point is to be cute and NOT die trying to be cute.

The black heel well...ya'll know we love a heel for a shoot but please don't be caught lookin a fool sinking into the grass at music festivals. Instead wear a cute flat sandal or tennis shoe.

Finally we took a printed crushed velvet kimono to add the extra umph to the look.

The colors in this look are all earth tones which make it very easy to piece together, it is the turquoise and hues and beads on the fringe of the kimono that give it that festival vibe we all are after. There you have it fabulosity on a budget. This entire look was $105.


For our second look we switched out the top to a deep v crop top to give us that gypsy vibe paired with the pants.

Notice we went for a monochromatic base so that the printed kimono with the beaded fringe would be the focal point of the look.

The olive green is a perfect earth tone to pair off with an statement piece like the kimono. Something as simple as changing the top to an outfit can truly transform your look and change the focal point.

AGAIN....please do not be caught in stiletto platforms at an outdoor music festival. If you MUST wear heels to a music festival make it a chunky

block heel or a wedge.

This entire look came together for $50

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All Photography by Angel Castro for June + Co

Photos Courtesy of June + Co

Styling: June + Co

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