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Monday Motivation: Dressing Up Your Activewear

Model: Anna Jones wearing KTRNA Activewear Photo: Angel Castro

HAPPY MONDAY! Yes I said it...happy Monday! Often times we DREAD the arrival of Monday because it marks the end of a fun, eventful or even relaxing weekend. Monday is like the weekend hangover. This can even transfer into your appearance. However, this does not have to be your reality. In fact, you can still be cozy all day in your activewear without looking like you absolutely did not care. Comfy clothes does not necessarily correlate with lazy clothes. Monday sets the tone for the week, while we deal with the exhaustion that sets in we need to set ourselves up for success.

If you find that you spend most of your time in activewear there is a way for you to look sharp without sacrificing that comfort. Keep the following in mind when dressing up your activewear.

1.) Stick to neutral and monochromatic tones. While the fun patterned leggings are great for the gym they won't exude sophistication outside of the workout context.

2) Pick one statement piece to be the focal point.

This is key as it will help camouflage/draw attention from the fact that you are in activewear. It will ensue people to think you actually put thought into making sure you were comfortable while looking presentable.

3) Your activewear should be in good condition in order to avoid adding to the lazy messy look.

A simple button down flannel, or bomber jacket will take your look and bring it together. It all depends on what you need to feel like to get through Monday. Do you need to be comfy and sporty, or do you want to be a sporty bad ass business mogul?

Here are two completely different looks with the same base.

Find a solid black base (can't go wrong with black) then throw on a basic flannel or denim button down over it for a fun sporty chic look.The contrast of the denim against the black really packs a punch and shows that effortless style that we all aim for when living in our Athleisure.

You mean business?

Pull your hair back into a nice high pony tail and throw on a bomber jacket with an eye grabbing print or texture.

If you REALLY want to be extra.... don't even wear the jacket. Drape it over your shoulders and let the look speak for itself.

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