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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Secrets to Tonal Dressing Unleashed

Photo :Angel Castro Courtesy of HALO Movement Collective Styling: Angel Castro x June + Co

Tip: Secret weapons in tonal dressing: Texture, Hues, and a pop of color to press your heel to their neck.

Beat the rat race with tonal dressing.

We are all guilty of at some point being too tired to think of what to wear before work. Sometimes our work environments encourage us to slip into our comfiest of athletic wear. (I'm kind of telling on myself at this point). Tonal dressing is the easiest and best kept secret to getting your ish together at the drop of a dime. It looks and sounds complicated but, it is VERY simple, versatile, sleek and it comes without gender so both the ladies and gents can rock it (pft...its 2019 I find myself looking in the women's section from time to time anyway). Tonal looks are an easy way to pull it together in a pinch. Let's break down tonal dressing in FIVE easy steps.


Go in your closet and find the section that you have the most of the same or similar tone. Yes, it is perfectly okay for the pieces you own to not be an exact match. While impeccably coordinated hues are impressive and sleek, shades, tints and tones make the world go around. If you are still unsure where to start, pick your favorite color, you are more likely to have many pieces in this hue and it will kick start your Tonal Dressing adventure on the right track and leave you feeling confident. Neutral hues like navy, grey, hunter green, and browns are an easy go to. Take out all of the pieces in your closet in your tone of choice, play mix and match. See what works for you and what leaves you Remember, you wear the clothes not the other way around. Be sure to pick pieces that accentuate your best features and conceal others. For example if your top is more oversized, balance it out with fitted bottoms. Dressing is like contouring. Lighter hues accentuate while darker tones hide.


Now that you have your hue selected try to find different textures. Maybe find a ribbed shirt to go under a smoother satin shirt, or even throw in lace in the mix, to add dimension and show some skin without disrupting your monochromatic masterpiece. Adding dimension can save your look from looking too much like a uniform, and can help create even more of a distraction from places we would rather not have attention be drawn to. Some texture combinations you can use are, leather and cotton, denim and lace, velvet and silk, wool and sequins.

Below are some fabrics that provide easy to find killer texture:

satin, velvet, denim, cotton, lace, wool, chiffon, cashmere, sequins,suede

Don't forget that shoes are also an easy way to add texture, color, or pattern to your look.


When accessorizing tonal looks remember the golden rule K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) <----- ok you're not stupid.

Tonal looks are simple, sleek, and modern looking. Adding too many accessories can overwhelm your look and distract from the beauty that is the minimalism of monochromatism. Respect the isms!! :) A simple watch , scarf, belt, ring, or necklace in either a complementing tone or metal will do the trick.

Photo:Rachel Hawkinson Styling: Angel Castro x June+ Co

Bonus: Accessorizing doesn't have to mean wearing or adding anything extra. Sometimes you can find garments, with patches, or hardware that make them the perfect dual duty garment, an accessory and statement piece.


Feelin' confident? Add a print in the mix to make an extra statement and add an edge to your sleek modern look. With prints there are no rules, they are meant to stand out, be bold, boisterous and attention grabbing. If looking like a safari threw up on you scares you, try adding a print that compliments or who's color palette is based on a hue of the color you chose.

Double dip by adding an accessory with a print to make it a nice focal point of your outfit. Animal and floral prints are an easy way to add a lil' extra sumthn' sumthn' to your look.

Photo: Angel Castro Styling: Angel Castro x June + Co


Not a fan of prints? No problem. You can still be sleek, edgy and attention grabbing without a print. Remember, earlier we talked about balance, when we discussed the shapes, fit and construction of the garments you chose? Well this is when balance comes into play again to provide some reassurance that your color choice will not be too much. Pick a more expressive color to be your base. Pick a neutral complimentary shade to be your balance color. For example: canary yellow can be very nicely balanced by a neutral tan color.

Photo: Angel Castro Styling: Angel Castro x June + Co

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BONUS CHALLENGE: Beat the case of Mondays by creating a tonal look out of your activewear + dress it up. Comfort doesn't have to look lazy. Post your tonal looks to social media and #juneandco so we can see your creations and feature your looks in a future post.

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